Don't get stranded; how to keep your car battery running during cold weather

With cooler temperatures ahead of us, many of you wanted to know how you could maintain your car battery during the cold winter months, for Mondayâ??s â??Facebook Story of the Dayâ??.

The average life of a battery is usually between 4-5 years.

There are a few things you can do to prevent battery failure during winter. If you have a garage, keep your car in at night to protect it against the cold. Keep your battery terminals tight to their posts and free of corrosion.

Also, limit your use of other accessories when driving like your cell phone charger or iPod.

John Sutter, the owner of Tires and Tailpipes in Kirksville, also recommends starting your car even if you donâ??t plan on going anywhere.

â??Just because of the temperature, it's a good idea if you start your car at least once a week,â?? said Sutter. â??A lot of people let their cars sit at home in the garage, when it gets cold outside just go outside and start it. That charges the alternator which charges the battery; it also circulates the fluids inside the engine.â??

When the outside temperature is 80 degrees, a fully charged batter has 100% of its power available to start the car.

When the temperature drops to 32 degrees, a fully charged battery has 2/3 of its power available.

And, at zero degrees, that same fully charged battery has only 40% of its power available to start your vehicle.

Some viewers wanted to know what you can do to winterize your car. Experts say check your antifreeze level. Make sure your tires are up to standard for the winter. Also, make sure your brakes are working properly.

You're also recommended to keep an ice scrapper and shovel inside your vehicle.