Douma Elementaryâ??s split first day a success

<p dir="ltr" align="left">Douma Elementary staff and teachers look on as kindergartners learn how to go through the lunch line.</p>

Douma Elementary tried something different for the first day of school in hopes of making things simpler for both students and educators.

This year, they divided the incoming kindergartners into groups and had one group start Wednesday and the other start Thursday.

This provided a lower student to teacher ratio. Teachers used the days to explain things like how to go through the lunch line, which they say can be confusing and intimidating for new students. School administrators say things went so well that they plan on using the same first day system for the next school year.

"I've heard nothing but positive at this point and hopefully that continues. All of them come tomorrow so we will have close to 200 first graders that we already have so it's been a great start to Douma and a great reopening of the building," said Douma Elementary Principal Sarah McGlothlen.

McGlothlen also said the school saw more smiles than tears on both of the first days.