Downtown Kirksville committee moves forward

KDIC Annual Meeting

One longtime local committee was looking to disband, but members vote to keep it going.

The Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee (KDIC) has been having a low turnout in recent months.

The committee is made up of volunteers.

And Tuesday night, was the annual KDIC meeting.

At the meeting those present discussed the future of the committee.

They discussed the possibility of dissolving the KDIC, the desire to get more people involved and the possibility of joining the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce.

During the meeting several voice their opinions on why the KDIC needs to remain active.

So, they decided to see who in attendance would actually step up and do what is needed to keep the committee going.

And, seven people said they would.

So, those in attendance, voted to change the bylaws from 11 board members to seven.

The President is now Justin Tallman, Vice President is Kirk Ranson and the Secretary/ Treasurer is a City Representative.

Other members are Liz Sterling, Jerry Caldwell, Phil Biston and Craig Shorten.