Downtown Kirksville committee taking a 'time-out'

A Kirksville group that has been less successful that it had hoped isn't disbanding, but it is planning to scale back substantially.

â??Weâ??re going to be on a time-out,â?? said Sherry Stacey, president of the Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee (KDIC).

At Tueday's KDIC meeting, members discussed changing from monthly meetings to perhaps quarterly meetings or even a once-a-year meeting, but the group has to wait until its annual meeting in November to make any changes to its bylaws regarding how often the committee meets.

Stacey said she's disappointed the group wasn't more successful in meeting its goal of bringing more community events to downtown Kirksville, but the pieces simply didn't fall into place.

â??Events done well take a tremendous amount of time and effort and volunteerism and money, and we don't have those resources,â?? said Stacey. â??KDIC does not have those resources."

To further complicate matters, the KDIC is losing its director, Jeremy Pingel, at the end of May because that's when the two-year grant that pays his salary is up.

Regarding his future plans, Pingel told KTVO he's looking for another job, and he's had a couple of offers, but at this point, there is nothing carved in stone yet.

He does want to remain in Kirksville.

Pingel is the third person to serve as KDIC director over the past two years.

The first one was fired, and the second one resigned.

The committeeâ??s next meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. on July 3, 2012.