Downtown Kirksville drivers to see more red

Changes in traffic lights now have downtown Kirksville drivers seeing more red.

Those traffic signals have been changed to flashing red 24 hours a day for the next three months. City Council members hope this change will help eliminate driver frustrations related to waiting at red lights when there's no other traffic in sight.

The traffic signals that are affected by the change include Jefferson Street at the intersections of Main, Elson, Marion and Franklin. The lights at Marion and the intersections of McPherson and Washington have also been changed to flashing red.

Kirksville Police Jim Hughes feels as though the change won't have a large impact on drivers.

"What's happening now in the trial period is really no different then what happens downtown in the off hours. So, when people see the lights flash it's not something that they won't have seen before," said Chief Hughes.

The lights will remain on flashing red until September. Then, the Kirksville City Council will evaluate each intersection and determine if the lights should be replaced with stop signs. Right now, the intersections will be considered all-way stops.