Downtown Kirksville property owners to be surveyed again

Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission

The Kirksville Planning and Zoning Commission said it needs more input from downtown property owners before it makes a decision about a proposed ordinance that would regulate new construction in Downtown Kirksville.

The commission voted unanimously Wednesday night to resurvey downtown property owners about the proposal to get their input and find out if they support the proposed ordinance.

That was also the recommendation the Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission made at its recent meeting

The property owners were surveyed previously, but the city only received 10 completed surveys back and a few of those were filled out by city staffers.

The Planning and Zoning Commission would like to receive more feedback this time using a revised survey.

"It just gives us better direction,â?? said Brad Selby, Kirksville codes and planning director. â??I think it was a good decision, and I'm glad they did that.. So, we'll be working on that in the next few weeks."

Selby told KTVO he hopes to have the survey revised, reviewed and ready to mail to property owners in Downtown Kirksville by the middle of December.

In the meantime, the proposed ordinance that would regulate only new construction downtown is likely to be pared down to make it shorter, simpler and possibly less restrictive.