Dozens pack school board meeting for Atlanta coach

Coach Daniels' Supporters

Atlanta, MO - Tuesday nightâ??s Atlanta school board meeting had a much larger attendance than usual.

The reason was for the district's 14-year veteran coach Jason Daniels recently being relieved of his coaching duties. For unknown reasons, the board decided to take away Daniels' basketball and baseball coaching responsibilities following this school year.

Around 50 parents and athletes showed up to the meeting to show their support for Daniels. According to students we spoke to, three letters were written to the board regarding Daniels' coaching; only one of those was signed. The details of the letters were not disclosed, however a student referenced it being about "one night." Daniels' "teaching" job in the Atlanta schools is still intact because he has tenure in the district.

â??He's always been there for us, you can ask any of the students and they'll say they think of him as a father.â?? said Atlanta Baseball Player Marty Halley.

Atlanta athlete, Korbin Gunnels, added â??I'm supporting coach because of the letters that have been written and I don't believe what everyone's saying and I believe that coach is everything to me and I have every bit of support for him. â??

Atlanta athletes told KTVO they hope to play the rest of the high school career under Coach Daniels.