Dr. A.T. Still gets his place in the Hall of Famous Missourians

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still was finally recognized by the Show-Me-State Wednesday for his contribution to the world of medicine.

A big crowd gathered in the house chamber at the Missouri State Capitol Wednesday to honor Dr. Andrew Taylor still as he was inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians.

The late physician was recognized as the father of osteopathic medicine and who founded the American School of Osteopathy in Kirksville in 1892, now called A.T. Still University.

"We see the global and lasting impact of his work. What was a radical idea at the very beginning had a new way of looking at the healing process when he first brought it fourth today is a try and true path to a better health and better life for millions of people in all 50 states and in more that 60 countries around the globe," said Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones.

Still was the people's top choice for the honor.

Among the people who attended the induction event were Kirksville's Local State Representative Nate Walker and Still's great-grandchildren.

Also about 250 A.T.S.U. students, faculty and staff were there as Missouri honored this great man.

"I'm quite proud of him. I'm quite proud of his progressiveness. Many times he would treat people for free," said Great-Granddaughter Julianne Hunter.

This was not only a big day for A.T. Still University but also for the city of Kirksville.

"It's huge. I'm very happy I represent this district and be a part of this event today. It's a great deal for Kirksville. Now people will know who Dr. A.T. Still is. It's a great day," Walker said.

For Still's family, this will certainly be a day they will never forget.

"I feel it's a long time coming. We're very excited that so many people came to honor him. It's a very feel good moment. We appreicate it," said Great-Granddaughter Rachel Hodson.

The bust of Still was created by Brandon Crandall of Kirksville. He was there as well for the unveiling.

Still's bust will be on display in the capitol rotunda.