Dr. Jack Magruder adds another notch to his teaching belt

A well-known educator in Kirksville is now adding another notch to his teaching belt.

Dr. Jack Magruder recently came out of retirement to teach Chemistry at Moberly Area Community College in Kirksville. Magruder can now say that he has taught at all three higher education institutions in the city.

The educator has also served as President of Truman State University and A.T. Still University. But the question is, why did he come out of retirement to once again teach?

"As I reflect upon my careers, which has been several, I'm not a young person, I remember what happened to me in my classes and I had some marvelous teachers who throughout my education saw much more in me then I saw in myself," said Dr. Jack Magruder, a Chemistry Teacher at Moberly Area Community College.

Magruder hopes to continue teaching and inspiring his students. Many of the Chemistry students are excited for the rest of the school year, and to have fun learning from Magruder.