Dr. Marlene Sprouse begins tenure as president of Indian Hills

Indian Hills has a new president, but she's not a new face to students and staff at the college.

Dr. Marlene Sprouse was a high school teacher for 20 years before becoming the dean of Indian Hills' Centerville campus. She is also an IHCC graduate. Being with the college for so many years means there's not many new staff to meet, but she says she's so far enjoyed the new kind of interaction and planning for Indian Hills' future.

Dr. Sprouse took over as president for a retiring Dr. Jim Lindenmayer about three weeks ago. She said she was drawn to the college with the goal of being able to offer quality, accessible education for anyone in Southeast Iowa and beyond.

"I am so committed to good education and I want people to be able to access that in a fashion that's close to home and that they can really get into things that they love and that they can find success very quickly," Dr. Sprouse said. "So I think that's why I'm here and that's what I look forward to."

Dr. Sprouse said the biggest benefit a school like Indian Hills can offer to its students is an affordable education that will help lead to a quality career, while also allowing its students to stay close to home, or work at the same time.

Five to ten years down the road, Dr. Sprouse said her vision for the college is for Indian Hills to be accessible in every way shape or form for its students; whether it be online or through a mobile app or new technology.