Dr. Steve Barber sentenced

Former Kirksville dentist Steve Barber

Dr. Steve Barber, 72, left his sentencing in handcuffs Wednesday. He was sentenced to five years each on two counts of Tampering with a Witness.Barber offered a family $150,000 not to cooperate with authorities in the case against his friend Tom Oswald, a former Kirksville attorney. Oswald is currently serving a seven year sentence for sexual contact with a 15-year-old boy. During his trial, Barber testified that he didn't know his actions were illegal.He was charged within essence interfering with the justice of that case and so they are related, but not identical obviously and for those reasons, I felt that was why Dr. Barber should receive a sentence in the Department of Corrections, said Matt Wilson, Adair County Prosecutor.The defense called several character references to the stand and asked the judge that Barber be given only probation.

I think that Mr. Campbell put on a very good case. He obviously has worked very hard, spoke to several people and put up a very good fight and a good argument to the court, Wilson said.

At the sentencing, the judge said that Barber is a bright, educated man who knew the financial situation of the victim's family when he offered them the money, and called Barber's actions a "crime against justice itself.

We feel that the message that this sends is that the judicial system is going to protect everybody, it doesn't take into account your wealth or lack thereof, your race, your gender, that it TMs a system that's been established to protect all of us and that's a message that was sent today, Wilson said.

Before accepting his sentence, Barber said he was truly sorry.

His attorney, Ed Campbell, asked that barber be released on bond pending a possible appeal, which was denied.

The judge also denied a request that Barber be given time to get his affairs in order before reporting to the Adair County Sheriff TMs Office.

KTVO was unable to reach Campbell for comment.


--------------------------------------------------------------Former Kirksville dentist Steve Barber, 72, was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison on each count of tampering with a witness, to be served concurrently.In June, an Adair County jury found Barber guilty on two counts of tampering with a witness in the sex crimes case against his friend, former Kirksville attorney Tom Oswald.

Barber took the stand during his trial. He testified that he went to see Kirksville attorney Seth Shumaker at the request of Oswald.

Shumaker was representing a couple who alleged Oswald had sexual contact with their teenage son. The prosecution claimed Barber offered $150,000 to the couple if they would agree not to cooperate with authorities in the case against Oswald. Barber testified he didn TMt believe he was doing anything illegal.

Shumaker caught the whole exchange on videotape. That tape was played for jurors in the Kirksville courtroom.

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