Dr. VanPatten gives the Heartland a foreign language lesson

Dr. VanPatten hosts a language talk at Truman State University on January 23, 2014.

While many seem to believe the key to learning a new language is lots of practice, area educators and students packed Truman State Universityâ??s Student Union building to learn why one language researcher says that is not the case.

Dr. Bill VanPatten of Michigan State University hosted a language education talk titled "What Everyone Should Know About Second Language Acquisition."

He began the lesson with major points he says everyone should understand before learning new languages.

The key to his strategy is to focus on the learner's brain, as well as allowing the learner to hear and see the new language in context.

â??The secret is-- there are no tips. Language acquisition does not happen the way most people thinks it happens, which is the focus of my talk tonight and what I hope people walk away with is that it takes a long time and just practicing language doesn't get you language either,â?? says Dr. VanPatten

Dr. VanPattenâ??s published work can be found here: