Drive cautiously, law enforcement will be out in full force

The 4th of July holiday is coming up in just over two weeks and the Missouri State Highway Patrol urges everyone to be safe on the roads over the course of the holiday weekend.

â??During the 4th of July weekend, the Missouri State Highway Patrol will be participating in Operation Care which is the combined accident reduction effort meaning all available troopers will be working sometime during the holiday period not only aggressively enforcing Missouri traffic laws, but helping those motorists or boaters should they encounter some type of roadside or water type emergency,â?? said Sergeant Brent Bernhardt Public Information and Education Officer.

State troopers will be out in full force looking for motorists who are not fastening their seat belts, children who are not properly restrained in the correct car seats, people driving under the influence and any other traffic violations. There will be a state trooper stationed approximately every 20 miles.