Driveway scam targets elderly

Be on the lookout for a driveway scam. Thatâ??s what local police are telling people in Knox County.

There have been several reports over the last few days of traveling asphalt driveway crews offering services. Once done, the group scams the homeowner leaving them with an outrageous bill for a bad job.

â??Several reports in the last few days of traveling asphalt driveway crews. They primarily prey on elderly people that live alone. They catch them out in the driveway or come door to door. Offering services from a left over job nearby or leftover materials from a job nearby,â?? says Chief Deputy Ryan Bishop of Knox County Sheriff Department.

Bishop says they are pursing several possible suspects. If someone stops by your house offering services, you should refuse them and contact your local police.

If you think you have been a victim and havenâ??t reported it, contact your local law enforcement agency so that they can pursue it.