Drought saves MoDOT money, mowing to resume

MoDot reminds drivers to slow down for mowing crews.

The drought has had a definite impact on grass cutting across the Heartland, including for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

From four mowing cycles down to three this year, the drought has saved MoDOT $2 million dollars statewide. But with recent rain, some of our Facebook fans wanted to know when the grass would be getting cut next.

â??When it was time to mow, late to mid-July, the vegetation did not need to be mowed. Since then, it has rained and we have adjusted our schedules and will actually begin mowing our minor routes, which would be the lettered routs such as Route 11, those types of routes on Monday. Towards the middle of September we will mow our major routes again like 136, 63 and 6,â?? said MoDOT North Area Engineer Amy Crawdord.

MoDOT will have extra vehicles with flashing lights and signs alerting vehicles of mowing crews ahead and drivers are reminded to slow down if they come across the mowing machinery.