Drunk Driving-Arrive Alive Tour makes stop at Indian Hills

Students at Indian Hills were able to learn about the severe risks of impaired driving during a simulation at the school today.

The Drunk Driving-Arrive Alive tour made a stop at IHCC.

The tour travels around the country educating people about the dangers of drinking and driving and texting while driving.

Through their driving simulator, people are able to experience what it's like driving while intoxicated or while texting.

They then receive mock tickets to show the physical and legal ramifications of impaired driving.

The tour aims to especially shed light on texting while driving.

"For every single drinking and driving accident, there's actually four texting and driving accidents," said Arrive Alive Tour Team Leader Chris Bennett. "That's a number people don't know about because the drinking and driving campaigns have been around for 25, 30 years whereas texting and driving campaigns have really just started to come around."

The tour travels to health and wellness events at colleges, high schools, and communities in general.