Early voting begins in Iowa

Early voting for Iowans began Thursday.

Voters can cast ballots in state, federal and county elections. In Wapello County, the local elections include the county recorder, treasurer, attorney and two spots on the Board of Supervisors. All of those seats are uncontested.

If you want to vote absentee, you can do so at the Auditor's office in the courthouse, or you can request a ballot to be sent to you. Either way, voting absentee lets you avoid waiting times on election day.

"Some people just like to come here and just do it and do the absentee vote here or have it mailed to their home where they're able to at their leisure, look at the ballot, do their research and know who they want to vote for," said Danielle Weller of the Wapello County Auditor's Office.

Absentee ballots will be accepted until June 2 and the primary election is June 3.

To request an absentee ballot sent to you, click here.