East End Ministries begins new community improvements

An organization in Ottumwa is working to create a better community. East End Ministries has created an organization the works to improve the neighborhood and develop the community on specifically the east side of Ottumwa.

The group hosted their first meeting today with a picnic at Foster Park. Dan Lewis came up with the idea for a neighborhood improvement committee with working at a different government agency that helped to get numerous individuals off of welfare assistance.

He says he hopes to have similar results with this program which not only provides people with physical needs but spiritual needs as well.

â??We're trying to continue this up with larger meetings and develop a leadership plan that we can get people to take an investment in their community,â?? said Lewis. â?? That's what this is all about is the community investing in their own community.â??

Interested individuals can get involved by calling Dan Lewis at 641-680-5182.