East Locust Creek Reservoir project to move forward

The East Locust Creek Reservoir Project has received some much needed funding.

United States Senator Roy Blunt joined forces with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to award a grant worth $2.5 million. That funding is a necessity in order to help finalize the project.

"That will enable us to move further into the engineering for the East Locust Creek Reservoir, and more importantly, begin moving through the permitting process that usually takes 12-18 months, said Brad Scott of the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission.

The reservoir is something that the area desperately needs.

"Well the folks of North Central Missouri have lived under the threat of drought for decades," added Scott.

When completed, the East Locust Creek Reservoir will be capable of producing seven million gallons of water per day. Ten counties in North Central Missouri will benefit from the East Locust Creek Reservoir. Senator Roy Blunt is excited about the progress that has already been made.

"This project to build this water reservoir is unique in many ways. It's very, very forward thinking in terms of planning for the future," said United States Senator Roy Blunt.

Currently, the North Central Missouri Regional Water Commission is still working to acquire land that will be needed.

"We are completing land acquisition. We've got about 80 percent of the 4,300 acres that the lake sits on acquired. We will continue that process," said Scott.

Senator Blunt also says that this reservoir will be a benefit for years to come.

"We are talking about a project that's going to serve many generations of Missourians," added Senator Blunt.

The Water Commission plans to start drafting the plans for engineering beginning next week. The East Locust Creek Reservoir will also serve as a recreational area. The Reservoir will also help reduce flooding on the floodplains of East Locust Creek.