East Maple Street reconstruction likely

Road repairs; they seem to always be on the agenda for city council meetings and Tuesday evening there will be a public hearing about approving the plans for reconstruction on East Maple Street in Ottumwa.

The project is still in the planning process but it is projected to start in late spring, early summer.

The project would consist of taking out the entire existing street, replacing the sewer and putting in a new street on top.

â??I believe this was an old brick street that's been paved over and just it's deteriorating over the years to the point where it just really needs a complete replacement, a lot of unevenness in the street and of course the weather creating a lot of potholes as well. This is again kind of an older street that had been improved at some point in the past but at this point were ready just to pull all that out and start with a fresh start,â?? said Tom Rodgers, Ottumwa Public Information Officer.

The estimated cost for this project would be around $650,000.