Ed Martin makes a campaign stop in Kirksville

With primary elections in Missouri less than two weeks away on August 7, many candidates are making stops in the Heartland.

Republican Attorney General Candidate Ed Martin met with state and local leaders at Trumascape landscaping business in Kirksville Wednesday afternoon.

His visit is part of a statewide tour promoting his small government plan.

Martin said he wants to use his experience working as a lawyer and the state government to help the Show-Me-State get on the right track.

"I really look for an opportunity to help. I love being a lawyer. America is a special place where the rule of law matters," Martin said. "I ran because I think as Attorney General, you can stop some of the craziness coming out of Washington like Obamacare. Also, you are being the chief lawyer, being the person who runs the law firm for the state. I think that's a big service."

Martin said if elected he will fight the federal government overreach coming out of Washington.

"If you are a good attorney general, you're going to stop the federal government intrusion. You're going to honor the rule of law so people can rely on the facts and relationships they have with the government. The future is brightest when government is limited by The Constiution and the law. That helps the economy and business," Martin said.

Martin also said he will fight President Obama's healthcare reform and stop regulatory burdens on Missouri farms and businesses.

Martin wants to also help the Republican party reach victory in this year's elections.

"We'll be out making sure we get the out the vote whether you are Democrat, Independent, or Republican. We hope people will vote for Mitt Romey and other Republicans. I think it's time for a real significant change from what we had," Martin said.

If Martin wins the primary elections, he would go up against current Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster in the November election.