Eddyville ice bust nets California man 25 years

A California man will spend the next 25 years in a federal prison because of a 2011 Eddyville drug bust.

Mark Razo, 24, of Folsom, Calif. received that sentence from a federal judge in Maine on September 16.

Razo was arrested as part of an investigation that began with an Eddyville traffic stop.

In June of 2011, Blanca Ortiz-Rodriguez, of Lakewood, Calif., was pulled over by a Wapello County Sheriff's deputy. A search of her vehicle resulted in the seizure of four pounds of ice meth.

The subsequent investigation led police to determine the shipment originated in California and was destined for Ottumwa.

Razo and another man, Barry Diaz, of Connecticut were charged with organizing the shipment. Diaz has a trial scheduled for January of 2014.

Ortiz-Rodriguez pleaded guilty to a federal charge of Possession with Intent to Deliver in February of 2012.

She was sentence to 50 months.

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