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      Educators recommend early dental care for children

      Educators suggest seeking oral health care for your children before their first tooth comes in.

      The Oral Health Alliance teamed up with area college students Friday at the Adair County Public Library to talk about the importance of taking good care of childrenâ??s teeth.

      Tooth decay is said to be the leading reason kids in north Missouri are missing school.

      Brushing your children's teeth twice a day, flossing them once a day and staying away from sugary foods are just a few of the ways Outreach Coordinator, Amy Carroll, says will prevent tooth decay.

      â??Bringing them in at one is really important to make sure that if there are any issues when teeth come in that they're caught early and also to get the child familiar with the environment and the dentist and the process as a whole,â?? said Carroll.

      Carroll says parents should help kids brush their teeth until they are around the age of eight. If you have any questions regarding your child's dental care, you can email Carroll.