Efforts to bring jobs to Kirksville press forward

Efforts to bring new business and industry to Kirksville are pressing ahead.

Kirksville Regional Economic Development, Incorporated (K-REDI) is constantly seeking to attract potential newcomers to town.

The board gathered for its regular monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon.

K-REDI Director of Economic Development Carolyn Chrisman has been traveling quite a bit over the past few months to various conventions to try and land a new business or industry for Kirksville.

"This just really gets our face in front of them, and so Kirksville now will have a face, and they will get to know more about what we have to offer rather than trying to go to a website and read something," said Chrisman.

A week from Thursday, Chrisman is heading to Michigan to hear presentations from eight companies.

And later this month, she's going to attend the Bio-Conference in Chicago.

Chrisman told the group three potential leads she had in December have fallen through.

One company decided to stay where it was, another lead died altogether and a third company that needed a certain-size, existing building ended up buying one in Michigan.

The group also carried on a discussion about how Kirksvilleâ??s small available labor pool makes it more difficult to attract business and industry to the area.

Members also talked about the dilemma of not being able to keep quality workers in the area because of a lack of jobs and not being able to attract new industries because of a lack of a plentiful workforce.