Egg Flowers and Eggshell Planters

Egg Flowers

6 eggs

2 red, orange, green or yellow bell peppers


Butter or cooking oil or nonstick spray

One green bell pepper and fresh baby spinach for garnish

Cut the top off the bell pepper and remove seeds. Slice the pepper horizontally into slices that resemble rings, about ½â?? thick or a bit more.

Prepare a skillet with a light layer of oil, butter or nonstick spray. Place bell pepper rings in the skillet and allow to cook a bit over medium heat. Crack an egg inside each ring; some of the egg white may escape under the ring, but thatâ??s OK, you can trim it away when ready to serve.

Reduce heat to low and cook until egg whites are completely set and yolks begin to thicken but are not hard, 5-6 minutes. If hard-cooked egg desired, break the yolk, but the yellow yolk â??flower centerâ?? is attractive. Season with salt/pepper.

Transfer each to serving plate, arrange flowers into a bouquet, with green pepper â??stemsâ?? (cut in long narrow strips from the green pepper) and add spinach to resemble leaves. The end result should look like an egg/pepper flower with a green stem and leaves.

Eggshell Planters

Remove egg from shell by tapping the narrow end of the egg with a knife handle. Pinch to remove the cracked top of the shell and pour out the egg into a bowl*. Rinse the bottom 2/3 of the shell and turn upside down to drain until dry.

After dry, place a bit of sand, the crumbled pieces of shell from the top of the shell, or a bit of cotton ball in the bottom of the shell. Fill shell about ¾ full with potting soil, sprinkle seeds (your choice) over soil. Put shell in the indentation of an egg carton, Mist w/spray bottle of water. Place near sunlight, check moisture daily, water with a few drops as needed, careful not to over-water. Seedlings may appear in 7-10 days. One set of directions suggests cutting the top of the egg carton off, lining it with aluminum foil, setting the bottom half of the carton (with the eggshell seedlings) into it and placing in the sun â?? the reflected light will help the seeds grow, but donâ??t bake them!. When ready to plant outside, just dig a hole and plant shell, seedling and all. The shell is good for the soil.

*when egg yolk and white are whisked together, the resulting mix freezes beautifully. Put them in a zip-lock bag, freeze, and thaw for use as scrambled eggs or any baked goods.