Eight take on massive man versus food challenge in Fairfield

Eight took on a man versus food challenge in Fairfield Friday.

Eight brave souls took on a massive man versus food challenge Friday in Fairfield.

The task was to devour a three and a half pound sandwich in 30 minutes or less. Squeal Good BBQ in Fairfield is known for their enormous portions, so they decided to take it up a notch.

"On our daily menu, I have specialty sandwiches that are a combination of them and I kind of just mashed three of them together and topped it off with some of our burnt ends," said Ryan Reinier, Owner of Squeal Good BBQ. "So just kind of went with the most popular stuff and what I thought would blend well together, I guess."

In the end, two out of the eight conquered the challenge. John Schneiderman finished in just 17 minutes. Tommy Brower took the full half an hour, but left with a clean plate. KTVO asked each of them if they would consider doing another challenge.

"Oh yeah," Schneiderman. "It's a lot of fun."

"Absolutely," said Brower. "There's a challenge down in Ft. Madison I want to tackle next."

The winners get their $10 entry fee back and a t-shirt.

Reinier said the plan is to hold a competition each month during the First Friday Art Walk throughout the summer. Whenever the next competition may be, Reinier said it will be posted on the restaurant's Facebook page. If you want to participate, just send a message through Facebook.