Eisenhower Pedestrian Bridge officially open

After an entire school year went by, the Eisenhower Pedestrian Bridge that so many grade school students used to safely cross the busy four-lane traffic is now officially open.

In April 2011, a semi-truck hauling a wide-load turbine damaged the bridge when it was too wide to make it through therefore making the bridge impassible.

Parent who relied on their children to walk across the bridge to get to school have had to make alternate arrangements while the bridge has been out of use.

â??Well I think itâ??s going to take awhile to get back into a routine so we didn't see a mad rush over that bridge because now after a year, new routines have been established and so I think if we see a few nice days next week we will se a lot of bicycles and little one walking across that bridge,â?? said Davis Eidahl, Ottumwa Community Schools Superintendent.

After nearly two months under construction, the Eisenhower Pedestrian Bridge is safe and ready to be used.