Eisenhower Pedestrian Bridge to be repaired by next fall

On Wednesday evening, the Ottumwa City Council passed the resolution approving the plans, specification, form of contract and estimated cost for the Eisenhower Pedestrian Bridge repair.

The bridge has been out of commission since a tractor-trailer carrying a wind turbine blade struck the bridge in April 2011.

Bus transportation has had to be provided for Eisenhower Elementary students who had previously used the bridge to cross Highway 63/149 to get to school.

â??Currently the legal department is working with the insurance companies with the amount of final reimbursement. The insurance company has hired its own engineering firm to develop a cost estimate that would determine the cost estimate of the remaining life of the pedestrian bridge at the time of impact,â?? said Larry Seals, Ottumwa Director of Public Works.

Seals added that the bridge consultant they hired estimated the cost of repair to be $172,000.

â??I think thatâ??s why the insurance company hired their own firm. Their firm came up with an estimate that is considerably lower than our bridge consultant did. And thatâ??s the start of it. They offered us an amount but itâ??s relatively low,â?? said Seals.

Seals hopes the Eisenhower Bridge repairs will be finished by next fall.

It should also be noted that the site plan for the Pella Regional Health Center's Ottumwa Physicians Clinic was passed. And passing with a vote of 3-2 was the approval of the Firefighters Collective Bargaining agreement effective July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.