Eldon celebrates historic painter's birthday

Miriam and Greg Kenning help celebrate Grant Wood's birthday at the American Gothic House Center's annual soup smorgasbord.

In Eldon Saturday, the KD Center hosted a birthday celebration for the painter of â??American Gothic,â?? Grant Wood.

The American Gothic House Center hosted its annual soup smorgasbord. The event is always a big hit with the community.

Holly Berg, Administrator of the American Gothic House Center told KTVO that the gathering is not only a great way for the community to come together and learn more about a piece of American History, but it is also a fundraiser for the centerâ??s new endowment fund.

â??In addition to the soup smorgasbord, we are also having a raffle of an American Gothic House print which was framed from wood and glass from the American Gothic House that had to be taken off during restoration work,â?? said Berg. â??I am very excited to see who wins the drawing, because the money from the raffle will go towards our new American Gothic House Center endowment fund.â??

Berg added that a lot of local volunteers and donations from businesses is what makes the center and museum successful; and without the support of the community, the museum would not be where it is today.