Eldon grills up for annual BBQ contest

Saturday was the annual BBQ Contest in Eldon. 15 grills and grill chefs prepared 10 pounds of ribs for both contest judges and the crowd to enjoy.

People could also get garden fresh tomatoes, watermelon and of course corn on the cob. The event is a fundraiser held by the Gothic Area Tourism of Eldon.

Last year they raised around $1,500 for special community projects, like new playground equipment.

Committee President Shirley Stacey said, "It's just a lot of friendship building because the cookers actually started cooking at 7:30 this morning and not only did they cook their ribs they have cooked a large variety of foods, but they have let people sample as they come by today so it's just a good place to meet and have a little fun and sit and visit."

She also said they are planning on having the next BBQ contest next year at the same time, the last weekend in July.