Eldon residents to vote on local option sales tax Tuesday

City officials in Eldon are urging the public to pass the local option sales tax measure on the ballot Tuesday.

On Tuesday, residents of Eldon will head to the polls to vote on the local option sales tax for a second time.

The measure was originally defeated in November by a slim, two-vote margin.

If the local option sales tax does not pass again on Tuesday, the city will lose out on $92,000 to $96,000 that currently goes toward supporting the city's cemetery, police and fire departments, street maintenance and the local library.

"Without that [sales tax], Eldon is going to lose a lot of the services, or they'll be scaled back," said Eldon Mayor Shirley Stacey. "So we'd like to keep things status quo."

When the measure was voted down in November, Stacey said 86 ballots were left blank on the backside, which was where the local option sales tax was located. With this the only item on the ballot this time, Stacey said she hopes more people will see it and vote for it.

Mayor Stacey also stressed to Eldon residents that if they do their shopping anywhere else in Wapello County, they will still be paying the local option sales tax, Eldon just won't see any of the revenue it generates.

Voting will be from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Tuesday at the Eldon Library Hall.