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      Electric crews work hard to restore power

      Ameren Missouri crews were still out trying to restore power to hundreds of residents Friday. Parts of Kirksville were slammed by straight line winds Thursday afternoon.

      At the peak of the storm Ameren had 6,600 customers out of power. â??That covers from Mississippi across North Missouri; however, the majority of those was in Kirksville,â?? said Ameren Missouri Spokeswoman Annette Sweet. â??We still have about 100 customers without power.â??

      Many residents said Ameren moved swiftly when the storm began. â??By yesterday evening once we realized how extensive the damage was in just certain areas of town, we started bringing crews in,â?? Sweet said.

      She said crews from all over Missouri have come to help. â??In emergencies like this where we have people out of power, they'll work in whatever the weather is,â?? Sweet said. â??This morning we were having additional power outages that were affecting towns north of Kirksville because of all the rain. A lot of the high voltage lines that run between towns are getting hit by tress that are washing out and falling over, so we're still having outages even though we donâ??t have any high winds.â??

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