Electric motorcycle available in Ottumwa

Ottumwa is the only place in Iowa to buy an electric motorcycle.

The bike is made by Zero Motorcycles in Santa Cruz, California. R/J Performance currently sells the vehicle. The motorcycle runs on a battery that can travel 50 miles before needing to be recharged. The eco-friendly ride can plug into any outlet and takes four hours to completely charge.

These bikes do not run on gas at all, but rather a battery that can be used up to 70,000 miles before needing replaced.

Matt Burton, who works at the store, says these bikes will start to show up more and more.

Electric is the wave of the future, Burton said.

Only one store can sell these types of vehicles in each state. That has many people traveling to Ottumwa to take a look.

There TMs been a lot of different people coming from statewide just to come and look at them. We TMve only had them about four weeks now so they TMre pretty popular.

The motorcycles are built for highways, off-roading or both. The price range of these bikes can cost anywhere from $9,500-$10,500. They can also reach speeds of up to 70 mph.