Elementary students write and produce their own newscast for One Day Without Shoes

There are some future broadcasters in Mrs. Lindberg's third-grade class.

Each year, Mrs. Lindberg and her students at Davis County Elementary School participate in Toms Shoes' One Day Without Shoes. This year, her students wrote and performed a newscast with commercials, all centered around Toms' one-for-one initiative.

The students were involved in each step of the process and got to practice public speaking and writing skills.

The speaking and listening standards for Iowa third-graders include building on the ideas of their peers and expressing their own ideas clearly. So not only was the project fun, but it also meets state guidelines.

"This idea started with one of my students, John, very first day of school, he said, 'I want to be a director'," Lindberg said. "And one of our common core state standards is that we take a piece of writing and we incorporate it into a multi-media project. And I thought, perfect. This would be a perfect opportunity to fulfill the common core state standard."

Lindberg said a personal goal for her classroom is teaching the kids to put others before themselves. The unit on Toms accomplishes that by raising awareness for kids who go shoeless because they are too poor to afford them.

Toms' Day Without Shoes is April 29. To learn more about the movement, click here.

To watch the class's full newscast, click here.