Emergency agencies work together

In the case of a widespread emergency situation, how would local emergency agencies work together? That is the purpose of the Local Emergency Planning Committee, or LEPC. This organization was started to allow easy communication between agencies and to allow the process to flow smoother during emergencies.

â??We decided that many of the same people are involved and we are all involved with being concerned with the citizenâ??s safety and we are all involved in providing safe housing, medical treatment, and so forth. The start of it was getting together representatives of these varies agencies,â?? said Chairman of Kirksville and Adair County LEPC Stan East.

Topics discussed at Thursdayâ??s meeting included the upcoming severe weather season and how to respond in the case of a tornado or any other natural disaster. A new trace detection device that can detect even the smallest amounts of potentially dangerous chemicals or drugs was also demonstrated.

â??We all come to the table. We are basically isolated in Rural America and we have to rely on one another and the services that each entity provides to, you know, continue to take care of the community. We have these monthly meetings and we all come together to work on plans for situations that might occur, or have occurred in the past. Such as the tornado in 2009, the flooding, different weather situations so we are all partners together and work very well together,â?? said Sheriff Robert Hardwick.

KTVO is also part of LEPC and works closely together with the other agencies in relaying important information back to our viewers.