Emergency Management Coordinator addresses the public

Thunderstorms caused a tree to land on this truck in Ottumwa Saturday afternoon

Thunderstorms rumbled across southeast Iowa Saturday afternoon. KTVO was on the scene last night assessing the damage.

Strong winds uprooted trees causing damages to homes and vehicles. Many drivers came across roads that were blocked due to down power lines.

A lot of residents were without power in their homes Saturday and some are still without on Sunday.

Crews were working all night cleaning up power lines and making the roads safe for drivers.

â??Most of our streets are opened up now -- and still obviously have some that are barricaded lines and trees down but our access routes to our health care facilities are open now, communications are back up, our first responders. We're recovering but the longest part of the ordeal will be the debris removal and then of course there's a lot of folks today that are still waiting to have power restored,â?? said Josh Stevens, Wapello County Emergency Management Coordinator.

The Red Cross opened up a cooling shelter at Evans Middle Schoolâ??s gymnasium on Sunday. Residents that were without power could come cool off and drink cold water. The shelter did not stay open very long due to the low number of people that showed up.