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      Emergency response team is looking for new volunteers

      Macon County is looking for volunteers to become part of their emergency response team.

      For the past two years, the Macon County Community Volunteers has been working along county emergency and health officials to be ready and be prepared for any type of disaster or a big emergency event.

      The group met Tuesday evening to talk with potential new members about the group and the various duties they can do.

      For many who are already part of the team, it's all about getting the community involved.

      "The more we know somebody, the more we know the resources, the better we can use them. Just networking. Getting to know people and their strong and weak points so we can work together in an emergency," said Cindy Malloy R.N. of the Macon County Health Department.

      The team is already planning for training sessions and drills in the upcoming future.

      If you are interested in joining the Macon County Community Volunteers, you can call the Macon County Health Department at (660) 385-4711 or (660) 395-4711.