Endangered fish is making a comeback

A small endangered fish is making a come-back to Missouri's creeks and streams.

The Topeka Shiner has been endangered in the state of Missouri since 1996, and federally endangered since 1998.

The decline of the fish can be attributed to a number of different factors including poor water quality, loss of a suitable habitat, and fish kills. However, thanks to members of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the small fish is in the process of being restocked in numerous creeks and streams. The Conservation Department has plans to restock the fish here in our area also.

"We plan to stock them next fall in 2014, in the Spring Creek Basin, which is northwest of Novinger, Missouri," said Darren Thornhill, a Fisheries Management Biologist at the Department of Conservation.

The Department of Conservation has already seen a rise in population numbers of the Topeka Shiner in the restocked areas.