English soccer coach makes his way to Ottumwa

The Ottumwa YMCA had a guest all the way from England this week.

His name is Richard Tracz and heâ??s part of Challenger Sports Camps.

He travels all over the Untied States coaching week-long soccer camps. This week his stop was in Ottumwa.

Tracz teaches the kids the basics of soccer, but with a twist. Instead of repetitive drills, the kids play games making learning the sport a lot more fun.

â??My favorite part has got to be the end when all the kids are so excited and they get to sign that ball and sing the T-shirt and they all get to wet the coach at the end of things so just getting to see them learn everything because they come in and they don't know anything and at the end of the week they know all sorts, and they can play games on their own and stuff. It's great,â?? said Coach Tracz.

And for the kids, getting to soak Coach Tracz with water guns and water balloons was one of their favorite parts of the week.