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      Enjoying the Aquatic Center for only a dollar

      The Kirksville Aquatic Center held their annual Dollar Day event Saturday.

      Some Heartland families had summer fun on this Saturday, all for only a dollar.

      The Kirksville Aquatic Center held their annual Dollar Day event.

      From 1-7 p.m., kids and parents only had to pay a one dollar admission to spend some time out of the sun and cool off in the outdoor pool.

      With it being the last Saturday the outdoor pool was open for the season, Aquatic Center officials wanted everyone to enjoy the pool for one last time before the kids head back to school next week.

      "It gives people a chance who haven't gone throughout the year to take advantage of it. Especially since it's a lot nicer then it has been for the past few weeks," said Supervisor Taryn Anderson.

      Your dollar went even further. People were also able to enjoy snacks at the concession stand for one dollar each.

      The outdoor pool will still be open to the public through Wednesday before closing up for the season.