Enroll your child in classes that will enhance safety over the summer

Rad Kid classes are now accepting students for their summer programs that start as early as June 17.

Rad stands for Resisting Aggression Defensively and it trains children with fun activities about safety for everyday activities. Since the program has started, 81 children have used Rad kid training to escape from an abductor and numerous children have been removed from sexually abusive family members. If you plan on spending a lot of time away from your children this summer, these classes might be of great help to your child.

â??One child is abused or neglected every 35 seconds in the United States. This is just the reality we live in and that's why it is necessary to have a program like Rad kids so we can protect our children. We can't be with them 24 hours a day. The only person that is with that child 24 hours a day is themselves and we have to teach them how to be safe and how to react if danger does arise,â?? said Brett Kerby Rad Kid Instructor.

If you would like more information on signing up, click here.