Entire community gets free smoke detectors

Some may say Winigan Rural Fire Departmentâ??s Fire Chief Eric Littrell is going above and beyond his duties.

Littrell and the fire department have been hitting the streets of Winigan making sure everyone has a working smoke detector.

â??We decided (because) it's such a small community we had the time and resources to go through every home and make sure all of them have a working smoke detector,â?? Littrell said.

Littrell said he was alarmed at the amount of people who did not have a working smoke detector.

â??So far Iâ??ve come across between fifty and sixty (homes) that did not have a smoke detector, or a working smoke detector,â?? Littrell said.

This project has been extremely helpful to those in the community.

â??I know from seeing some of the members of the community that they truly do appreciate it,â?? Captain Cody Moore said.

Steve Young, Chaplain of the Winigan Rural Fire Department said Littrell is doing a great job.

â??He's showing us a lot of leadership and coming up with some really fresh ideas like the smoke detectors,â?? Young said. â??(Heâ??s) making sure everybody has fresh batteries for their smoke detectors and to my knowledge that hasnâ??t been done before. It's a really innovative idea.â??