Environmental Protection Agency proposes to reduce ethanol amounts

The Obama Administration wants to decrease the amount of ethanol found in the nation's fuel supply.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed a reduction to the amount of biofuels blended into gasoline in the year 2014 by almost 3 billion gallons.

Ethanol supporters say the use of ethanol has been proven to be less harmful to the environment, particularly E-85, which is an 85% blend of ethanol to gasoline, which results in less pollution, reducing smog-forming emissions by as much as 50% compared to gasoline.

Experts say ethanol is also cheaper than gasoline when it comes to filling up your vehicles.

"It sells for 50-70 cents a gallon less than gasoline. I'll take our chances against gasoline head to head any day of the week if we get a fair price at the retail stations, and give consumers the choice. We don't need the mandate, but we do need market access" said Steve Murphy, General Manager at POET Biorefining.

If the amount of ethanol required in gasoline is reduced, farmers would take a direct hit, and many are now in the process of taking steps to change the mind of those in charge of the EPA.