EPA approves E-15 gasoline

When filling up your gas tank, you may soon see the option to use a new blend of gas at the pump.

The environmental protection agency recently approved E-15 gas, which is a gas made of 15 percent ethanol, as opposed to the current 10 percent ethanol blend used in Missouri.

The general manager of the Poet Biorefining Plant outside Macon tells us his company hopes to gain approval for E-15 through from the Missouri legislature around February 1st. Steve Murphy says this gives consumers the freedom to choose what works best for their cars.

â??It helps give consumers a choice to leverage what fuel works for them based on the efficiency of their engine, the price of the fuel at the different times and hopefully will keep oil prices more in check as well,â?? said Murphy.

E-15 will not be state mandated and like the current blend thereâ??s also no special car or engine needed to use the gas.