Escape Artist will perform at Davis County Fair

Davis County was busy on Monday preparing for the opening day of the fair on Tuesday. KTVO got a preview of an act at the fair that leaves one individual breathless.

Mario Manzini travels the country performing as an escape artist. He is the holder of a Guinness World record for an escape, and even performed an opening act for Evel Knievel.

Manzini performed an escape stunt at the Bloomfield pool on Monday. He had the Davis County fair board president place eight handcuffs on his hands, arms, and neck. One of the handcuffs weighed 13 pounds. Manzini then jumped into the pool and escaped from all the locks in only 30 seconds.

He says he started escaping from ropes and locks at age four, and considers what he does a natural talent.

"It takes a special, I don't know what, I think I was just born to escape," said Manzini. "I found out when I was four years old I was able to get out of rope ties, and my friends dad was a police officer and locked me in handcuffs and I got out. Nobody ever taught me, it's not a gimmick or trick I am just able to get out of anything."

Manzini will be at the fair all week. Click here for the full Davis County Fair schedule.