Escaped six-foot snake on the loose in Bloomfield

Many humans took to the streets Monday for parades and celebrations, but Bloomfield residents had the chance to encounter an animal roaming their streets this Memorial Day weekend.

Sunday evening, the Bloomfield Police Department received a call from a school official at Davis County High School that a red-tailed boa constrictor had gotten loose from its pen in the science department when a student was cleaning. The snake's pen and the door to the school had been left open, and the whereabouts of the snake, inside or outside the school, was unknown.

Bloomfield Police, Fire Department and school officials searched the school and surrounding area, but could not find the snake. So far, no one else has seen it either.

Around 9:30 Monday morning, Bloomfield police issued a code red for the six-foot boa constrictor. The snake is a classroom pet used to being handled, highly domesticated and not poisonous, but could still prove to be dangerous to small children and pets.

Bloomfield Police advise anyone who should see the snake to call police.

"Give us a call here at the law center at 664-2700, or if they see it, call 911," Officer Buddy Harsch said. "They can call us, we'll find someone who can pick up the snake and hopefully find it a home."

Harsh said as temperatures cool off in the evening hours, the snake may come out to lie in the street. It is also capable of curling up into the size of a loaf of bread, and can get up trees.