Ethanol industry lashes back after controversial Associated Press article

On the heels of a controversial article published by the Associated Press, the ethanol industry is lashing back.

The Associated Press article claimed that ethanol hasn't lived up to some of the government's clean-energy promises, but those involved in the industry believe otherwise.

Using ethanol, particularly E-85, which is an 85 percent blend of ethanol to gasoline, results in less pollution, reducing smog-forming emissions by as much as 50% compared to gasoline.

However, farmers seem to be on the sidelines of the controversy, and they are being urged to become more pro-active.

"It's very critical that farmers get active and let politicians know their feelings about these issues and the slurs that are being put out there" said Steve Murphy, General Manager at POET Biorefining.

Corn production for ethanol has seen an all time high for the year 2013.