Evans Middle School recognizes students' accomplishments through new program

In an effort to encourage students to be their very best in all aspects of life, Evans Middle School has started a new program called Student of the Week.

Each week, Evans Middle School Staff meet and discuss the accomplishments of various students.

Then, one girl and one boy are chosen to hold the title of â??Student of the Week.â??

The student will receive a certificate and a handwritten note from the principal will be sent home to the parents letting them know of their childâ??s accomplishments.

â??We're working on our climate and culture at Evans and this part of making our environment welcoming. We want every kid to wake up in the morning and want to come to school and it's something we can reinforce with the kids 'hey you're doing good things and theyâ??re not going unnoticed,â??â?? said Dave Harper, Evans Middle School Principal.

Harper said a lot of the time people hear about the bad things that on at schools and he believes this is an excellent opportunity for the community to learn about all of the good things that are going on.