Every election needs good campaign workers

Election season is upon us, and every candidate running for office needs a team of campaign workers.

Democrats in Wapello County were learning what it takes to become a good campaign worker. While anyone can become a campaign worker, it is a career suited for those that love the thrill of a good chase.

Working a campaign has a variety of different tasks. Those workers can do jobs ranging from making phone calls, to hanging posters, to knocking on doors. Campaign workers also have the chance to work one-on-one with candidates that are running for office.

That allows them to know exactly what the candidates platform is while in the race. Good communication is also a skill that campaign workers must possess. Those workers knock on doors and visit with members of the community during any upcoming election.

"Well this is real important for I think citizens, for this county, and Democrats have a long history of working with our party and going out and knocking on doors and having a conversation, letting people know who we are as candidates and what we want to do and how we can do it," said Jack Hatch, (D) Iowa State Senator.

Many candidates are always looking for volunteers and workers to help out during an election. If you are interested in helping out during an election, contact your local election headquarters for more information on how to do so.