Exotic animal auction hits the Heartland

Exotic animal sales are wrapping up in Macon this week.

Zebras, camels, bulls and bears were only a few of the animals that were up for auction at the Lolli Bros Livestock Market.

Exotic sales take place four times a year, with April and September being the biggest and most popular.

If youâ??re not looking to own an exotic animal, people are still encouraged to come out and view the unique animals.

â??Well there are a lot of different animals that people enjoy viewing and itâ??s always the zebras and camels,â?? said Dominic Lolli with Lolli Bros Livestock Market. â??Thatâ??s the first thing that people look at because you donâ??t just get to see them real close up every day.â??

This sale will continue at 9am on Saturday, July 12th with the sale of mini donkeys, mini horses, riding horses and ponies.

The next exotic sale will take place in September.

For more information, contact..

Dominic: 660-651-4024

Frankie: 666-651-4040

Tim: 660-651-3496

For an event schedule, check out the website.